In India, women are worshipped in the day and gang-raped at night : Says stand-up comedian Vir Das

Editorial Comment

  • The Government should file a case against such people who go abroad and defame India by making such atrocious comments. It will prevent others make such comments.

New Delhi –There is a lot of backlash over an American stand-up comedian Vir Das making a mockery of India.

  1. Vir Das has posted the video ‘I Come From two Indias’ on his YouTube channel. It was a video of his presentation at the John F. Kennedy Centre in Washington DC, USA. In the 6-minute video, Das says, I come from an India where women are worshipped during the day and raped at night. I come from an India where the air quality index is 900 (which should be less than 50), yet we sleep on the roof of our house and enjoy the moonlight at night.
  2. Explaining the criticism against him, Vir Das said, ‘My intention was not to insult my country but to remind the country that it is great in all aspects. The video is a satire about the duality of two very separate India’s that do different things. None of this is a secret’.