Mrs Yoya Cyriaque Vallee, SSRF seeker from France, declared a Samashti Saint !

H.H. (Mrs) Yoya Cyriaque Vallee

Ramnathi (Goa) – On 30th October Mrs Yoya Cyriaque Vallee, seeker of Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF), was declared a Samashti Saint in a satsang of foreign seekers. She is originally from France, but for the past few years, she has been residing in Sanatan’s Ashram at Ramnathi.

Mrs Yoya Vallee (Age 41) was honoured by her brother H.H. Dejan Glescic. Ms Anastasia Vallee (Mrs Yoya Vallee’s daughter) was also felicitated by H.H. Dejan Glescic.

It is a rare event where a brother, who is a Saint, honours His sister; and an uncle, who is a Saint, honours His niece for reaching the spiritual level of 61% !

A rare phenomenon of 3 Saints in one family !

H.H (Mrs) Yoya Vallee’s husband is Sadguru Cyriaque Vallee; He spreads Spirituality abroad. H.H Dejan Glescic resides at the Maharshi Spirituality University’s Spiritual Research Centre at Ramnathi. He also disseminates Spirituality all over the world.

Three Saints in a non-Hindu family of foreign origin is a rare phenomenon ! By showing the path of rapid spiritual emancipation not only to the born-Hindus everywhere but to the non-Hindus too, we can experience the Divinity of Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale !

H.H. (Mrs) Yoya Vallee from France – The only one to fight spiritual distress and overcome impaired speech & hearing and attain Sainthood !

Mrs Yoya Vallee is the only Saint in the world who quit her modelling career to commence spiritual practice. Despite suffering from severe distress caused by negative energies and impaired speech & hearing, she has attained Sainthood.

She has remarkable ability of seeing the subtle dimension and sketching it. Seeing subtle pictures drawn by her, people in society understand the subtle process associated with an object or incident. Her subtle pictures have had a positive impact on many spiritually curious people and they have commenced spiritual practice.

Mrs Vallee attained Sainthood in 2013; however, due to increase in spiritual distress, her spiritual level later reduced. Now, distress caused by negative energies has reduced; besides, she has been performing satseva (Service unto the Absolute Truth) by remaining in a state of bhav (Spiritual emotion). Hence, her spiritual level has risen to 71%. Mrs Vallee, who has virtues of curiosity, learning attitude, Priti (Love without expectations), attitude of sacrifice, less ego, etc. has become SSRF’s Samashti Saint. She has become a role model to progress spiritually by overcoming all obstacles on the strength of her intense yearning.

Mrs Vallee has the valuable company of her husband – SSRF’s Sadguru Cyriaque Vallee – who too was a model earlier. He is now in SSRF Ashram in Germany as a guide. She, Her husband and daughter (Ms Anastasia, then 5 years) came to stay in Sanatan’s Ramnathi Ashram at Goa, India in 2009. Ms Anastasia is also a Divine child. Her Vyashti spiritual level is 61%.

Mrs Vallee’s brother H.H. Dejan came to India in 2019 to perform spiritual practice. He attained Sainthood in 2020.

I am certain that the Divine family of H.H. (Mrs) Yoya Vallee, Sadguru Cyriaque Vallee and Ms Anastasia, as also H.H. Dejan, will progress fast spiritually.

– Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale (30.10.2021)