To qualify for pension next year, submit your ‘Life certificate’ to the banks in November 2021

Government or non-Government employees get pension every month after retirement. For this, they need to submit a Life Certificate every year in November to the bank from where they get pension. Only then, the pension continues the next year. Information on the certification process is given ahead.

1. Where to submit a Life Certificate ?

A. Any branch of the concerned bank can issue a Digital Life Certificate (DLC) : For the certificate, it is not necessary to visit the branch of the bank. A DLC can be obtained by showing the following documents at any branch near your current residence.

B. Common Service Centres have been set up in some places to provide Government and non-Government facilities. Life certificates can be issued there, as well as the Post Office. For information on Common Service Centers in your area, visit –

2. Required documents

A. Aadhar card and its Xerox copy

B. Passbook of pension account

C. Pension Payment Order (PPO) number

D. The mobile number registered in your Aadhar card should be carried along when you go to the bank or the Common Service Centre.

A DLC is generated and given to the concerned pensioner’s organisation. The pensioner should keep its printed copy with him/her. For more information, visit – or contact the concerned office or the nearest Post Office

3. DLC can also be issued from your place of residence :

The Postman can come to your residence to generate a DLC. You need to register Online for this facility. It allows you to submit a DLC to them from where you live. When the Postman arrives, you must have the documents and mobile number required to prove a DLC. A nominal charge is levied by the Post Office for this facility. To avail of the facility, visit –

Some nationalised banks too have a doorstep service.

4. The Life Certificate submitted by the pension holder is valid for one year only : Some pension-issuing organisations related to Government employees are less likely to have DLC access. Therefore, pension holders have to issue a certificate signed by the officer of the treasury as usual. For this, the abovementioned documents should be shown to the local branch of the concerned bank and the further process should be completed.