15 Muslims of a family revert to Hindu Dharma in Muzaffarnagar (UP)

Had accepted Islam 18 years ago out of fear

Editorial comments

  • Hindus who have been converted by deceit, force, greed or fear, all should revert to Hindu Dharma. All should follow the ideal example of this family and the Government should also give them protection.
  • Hindus feel the Government of India should make special plans for those who feel like wanting to (gharwapsi) come back to Hindu Dharma.
  • Not a single Hindu should get converted, for this, it is necessary to impart education on Dharma to Hindus.

(Gharwapsi – Gharwapsi means conversion by an originally Hindu person to another religion and later reverting to Hindu Dharma at will)

Muzaffarnagar (UP) – In Baghra, 15 people of a Muslim family accepted Hindu Dharma and did ‘gharwapsi’. They had accepted Islam out of fear 18 years ago, but now they have returned to Hindu Dharma.

According to the information received, this family belongs to the Binauli area and they had expressed their desire to return to Hindu Dharma by going to ‘Yoga Sadhana Yashveer Ashram’ on 8th November. After this, Yashveer Maharaj, the director of the ashram, made them perform ‘Yajna’ and Havan according to the scriptures. The men were given the ‘janeu’ (Sacred thread) to wear. All were properly purified. After that, they were given new Hindu names and reconverted to the Hindu Dharma. There were 7 women, 5 men and 3 girls in the family. This family makes a living by working as labourers. The members of this family told that after 18 years they have returned home. We accepted Islam out of fear, but now voluntarily again accepted Hindu Dharma. No one has put pressure on us.