CEO of ‘Manyavar’ tries to justify irreligious Advertisement

Editorial Comments

  • Who has given the authority to such companies to alter or even comment on Hindu Scriptures ? To change their anti-Hindu attitude, Hindus should boycott their products.
  • People who express anxiety about the progress of women, insult Hindu rituals, but do not utter a word against ‘Triple talaq’, ‘Halala’, that are real injustice to women !

Mumbai – Chief Executive Officer of ‘Vedant Fashions Ltd.’, Vedant Modi, has justified the advertisement insulting the ritual of ‘Kanyadaan’ in Hindu religion. He said, “We have always exhibited image of progressive ladies in society. By retaining the supremacy of sanskruti and decorum we have tried to change the attitude of common citizens through this advertisement”. This justification was shown on the Hindi News Channel ‘Aaj Tak’.

Advertisement of ‘Manyavar’ tried to portray ‘Kanyadaan’ as regressive

Manyavar advertisement featuring Alia Bhatt portrays ‘Kanyadaan’ as an oppressive practice and suggests ‘Kanyamaan’ as an alternative. Manyavar claimed that it was ‘Promoting a progressive way of thinking, one tradition at a time !’ Apparently, ‘Kanyamaan’ gives a new spin to wedding rituals, highlighting the idea of respecting brides instead of ‘giving them away’.

Hindus had protested against the company and the advertisement and some Hindu organisations called for boycotting the products of ‘Vedant Fashions Ltd.’ Instead of seeking forgiveness from Hindus for its mistake, the CEO antagonised Hindus by giving a shameless justification.

Happy about giving a message to bring a positive change in society : Alia Bhat

I am loyal to this ideology. I am happy that I could be a part of this advertisement and could give a message of bringing a positive change in society. (How can those who do not respect Hindu religion, realise the importance of the ritual of ‘Kanyadaan’ ? Hindus should boycott the films of such actors to give an example of Hindu unity. – Editor)