By the year 2050, over 500 million people could face gruesome water shortages : warns United Nations

Only 0.5% of the water on earth is usable

Editorial comment

This warning is a chilling reminder of a prediction that the Third World War will happen due to the water crisis. In the past 100 to 150 years science has made the earth’s situation so pathetic that the advocates of science should be ashamed of it.

New York (US) – On a global front, more than 500 million people will face water shortages by the year 2050, warns United Nations. Due to global climate changes the risks of water-related hazards like floods and droughts will increase and the number of people affected by water shortages is expected to also increase.

According to the report “The state of Climate services 2020: Water”, in the year 2018 at least 360 million people experienced an insufficient supply of water for at least 1 month. By the year 2050, this number could reach 500 million. This report was prepared to explain the need to take immediate action to avoid such a crisis. Also, it mentions working with considering sustainable developments and climate change. The situation is worsening since only 0.5% of the water on earth is usable.