All kinds of medical specialists available in only 101 Government hospitals in the country

Report by Policy Commission about District Government hospitals

More than 59 beds per 1 lakh individuals in Delhi, whereas only 6 beds available in Bihar

Editorial comment

All the rulers of all the parties till now are accountable for not changing the state of health even after 74 years of Independence. Rulers unable to give well-managed health care to the public make Hindu Rashtra inevitable.

New Delhi – Policy Commission has published a report concerning the state of affairs in District Government Hospitals. Among the States having more than 2 crores of population, Delhi alone has 59 more beds available per 1 lakh individuals. In all other States, there are less than 33 beds. In Bihar, only 6 beds are available. Among 742 Districts in the country, only in 101 Districts Government Hospitals, all 14 types of specialists are active. Out of these, 52 hospitals are in 6 States/Union Territory in India (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Puducherry and Kerala); meaning half the hospitals in the country are in South India with a 20% of population. Besides, each Government doctor in Tamil Nadu examines 47 OPD patients per day on average, whereas in Haryana this number is 27 on average.