Money offered to the temples of Himachal Pradesh will be spent only on Hindus : A commendable decision by BJP Govt

Only Hindu employees to be recruited in the Temples

Editorial comment

Hindus feel that all BJP-ruled State Governments across India and the Central Government should take similar decisions like the Himachal Pradesh State Government.

Shimla – Under section 27 of the Himachal Pradesh Hindu Public Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Act, 1984 the Department of Language, Art and Culture has issued orders to the Temple Commissioners. Accordingly, offerings in the form of money, gold, and silver received by the Temples, Shaktipeeths and religious institutions are prohibited from spending it on non-Hindus. Along with this, all the employees and officers of the Temples including security officers will be only Hindus. RD Dhiman, Additional Chief Secretary, Language and Culture Department issued the notification in this regard.

At present, the Temple money has been kept as fixed deposits in banks. Salary to the priests and Temple employees is provided from this money. The offerings in the form of gold and silver are deposited in the treasury. Previously there was a plan to make coins out of these and sell them. However, it was later rejected.