Aligarh (UP) : Six-year child tied with iron chains in Madarasa

Editorial comment

It has been revealed many a time that Madarasas are breeding grounds for terrorism. The incidences of rapes and physical abuse of children have been frequently reported in most of the Madarasas. Therefore, funding of crores of rupees to Madarasa by the Central Government and State Governments should be stopped. 

Aligarh (UP) – A video is viral on social media, where the chains were seen in the hands of 4 boys and a 6-year-old boy tied with iron chains. When this video reached the Police, the investigation of the incident started.

The Police have taken the Madarasa operator Fahimuddin in custody. The incident took place in the Mohalla-Ladiya area of Aligarh. The local people have made many serious allegations against the Maulana claiming he is very strict and cruel. He beats op children brutally.