Problems arose when Hindus became a minority : Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat

Editorial Comment

To keep Hindus safe, even where Hindus are a minority, there is no alternative but to make India a Hindu Nation !

Udaipur (Rajasthan) – Problems have arisen in places where the population of Hindus has been reduced due to various reasons. Mohan Bhagwat stated in a programme here. Dr Bhagwat expressed the confidence that ‘The supreme glory of Hindu Rashtra will lead to the welfare of the world’. He also defined Hindutva as ‘the selfless service rendered by the Sangh volunteers during the Corona period is Hindutva’.

Sarasanghchalak  Dr Bhagwat said,

Hindus are followers of Sanatan culture. Sanatan Sanskriti teaches us to think of the whole Universe. The ideology of Hindus includes two things, Peace and Truth. A campaign like ‘We are not Hindus’ is being carried out to weaken the country and society.

We are the descendants of the ancestors who have lived in this virtuous region for many generations and all of us are Hindus. This is the spirit of Hindutva.

‘Where Muslims are a minority, there is oppression on Muslims’ – MIM spews venom

Asim Waqar of MIM has criticised Sarsanghchalak’s statement. He said that wherever there is a Muslim minority, they are being persecuted, be it in Gujarat or Maharashtra. We do not see Muslims persecuting Hindus anywhere in Doha, Qatar, Dubai, or Oman. (Waqar who refuses to name India’s neighbours like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who are persecuting Hindus. – Editor) Atrocities against Muslims have crossed the line in many places in India, including Gujarat. (Liar Asim Waqar! Waqar should bring the statistics of how many such incidents have come to light in Gujarat ! – Editor) Therefore, Bhagwat should reconsider his statement. (Why is Waqar not talking about Kashmir ? Many Districts of the country have become Muslim-majority, why is Waqar silent about the situation of Hindus there ? – Editor)