The war is over for the US but begins for India !


Editorial Comments

  • It is in the national interest for the Government to pursue an aggressive policy against the Taliban.
  • A big challenge for India is to destroy internal as well as external enemies.
  • US aircrafts took off with the last batch of troops.
  • While fighting China, Pakistan and other countries, India will face a difficult challenge to defeat its internal enemies !

After a long period of 20 years, the last US troops finally left Afghanistan at midnight on 30th August. There are no US troops in Afghanistan now. Taliban terrorists celebrated the ‘demonic joy’ of ‘freedom’ by firing innumerable gunshots into the air as the last US military plane took off. The Taliban also declared Afghanistan fully independent. This day will be important for the conflict drama in Afghanistan.

In fact, the US had entered Afghanistan to avenge the Jihadi attack on 11th September 2001. How can such a large number of Taliban terrorists survive even after 20 years of US presence there ? Not only are they alive, they have taken control of the whole of Afghanistan, making the US troops run. Taliban militants also seized deadly weapons from the US forces. Questions such as – ‘How did this happen ?’, ‘How did Afghanistan remain smouldering even after 20 years ?’, ‘What exactly did the US do there for so many years ?’ remained unanswered till the end. This dubious role of the US will completely erode the confidence other countries had in it.

Difficulties facing India

The US has left Afghanistan; but on the way out, it has given birth to too many questions, problems and crises. Every development in Afghanistan is very important for India; because it will have a direct impact on India. Afghanistan is under the Taliban rule, meaning, under Jihadi rule. Jihadi terrorists believe that non-Islamists have no right to live. Therefore, to make life difficult for the minorities where they are in the majority and for the majority where they are in the minority is their religion. Hence, the whole world is suffering from Jihadi terrorism.

In such a situation, the return of the remaining US troops has also given the terrorists free rein. It has grown as a threat to India. Jihadis in Pakistan have been carrying out terrorist activities in India since our Independence.

n the past few decades, China has consistently fuelled these actions. China’s growing hegemony has become a headache for India. However, after being beaten by India in the Galwan Valley, China opted for an easier covert war than a direct war against India. For this, China is trying its best to cut off Nepal, Sri Lanka and other neighbouring countries from India only on the strength of money.

In addition, the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan suits China. With the departure of the US, China will be able to use the Taliban against India. Also, Afghanistan’s abundant mineral wealth, valued at an estimated Rs. 200 lakh crore in the international market today, can be taken over by China. China’s demonic ambition is to use it to expand trade to Europe and Africa, and thus, realise its dream of becoming a superpower; this is why, China is the first to recognise the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

This shows how dangerous the latest developments in Afghanistan are for India, which has strengthened China.

Aggression is the only option for India !

It should be noted that even if the war is over for the US, it is not over for India. It took us decades to convince the international community that Pakistan is a breeding ground for terrorism; in the case of China so much time will not be available to us.

The ever-changing role of many big countries today makes it difficult to predict which country will stand with which country. Russia’s changing role in the context of China is a prime example. While India convinces the world that China is nurturing terrorists, World War 3 may have started. So, India will have to adopt a policy of taking up arms and destroying the enemy.

While fighting China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and other countries at the same time, India will face a big and difficult challenge to defeat its own internal enemies. These traitors will fight to the best of their might to help the enemy and defeat India. India will have to make it a priority to ground them to dust and destroy their intentions. This will be the real test for the Indian Government.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh recently said that the situation in Afghanistan is a new security issue for the country. He further warned that taking advantage of the situation in Afghanistan, anti-India forces will not be allowed any activities against India. This indicates the threat of the Taliban crisis.

The pusillanimous policy of India in the context of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism should not be followed in the case of the brutal Taliban. The Government should take drastic steps now to eradicate the Taliban-like demon that has gone mad after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. This would be in the national interests.