Gomutra is very effective in controlling water pollution !

Exclusive research carried out by the young scientists of Kolhapur published in ‘Nature’, a worldwide known periodical !  

Editorial comment

  • The importance of ‘Gomata’ will continue to be underlined even if it is not accepted by the progressive factions, atheists, etc. These so-called intellectuals will not, however, accept the importance of ‘Gomata’ despite the utility of ‘Gomutra’ is proved scientifically; in fact, they wouldn’t hesitate to accuse that the world-famous periodical ‘Nature’ has come under the influence of ‘saffron’ !

Kolhapur (Maharashtra) – The students of Shivaji University viz. Prashant Savalkar and Rhutuja Mandavkar are the two young scientists who have disintegrated silver metal with the help of ‘gomutra’ of native ‘Geer’ cows, making silver nanoparticles from the same. It has been found that such nano-silver particles can be used for the purification of water that has been contaminated with effluents thrown by the textile industry, making the water strongly poisonous. The harmful colours and chemicals (Methylene and crystal) used by the textile industry can be easily disintegrated using silver nanoparticles and ultraviolet rays through the organic-chemical process. It has also been found that 0.1 gm liquid is enough to purify one litre of contaminated water. This research can be used to control large-scale pollution of rivers and lakes, etc caused by the textile industry.

1. This research paper was published in the renowned periodical ‘Nature’ published from London on 20th August 2021.

2. The silver nano-particles have been effectively used in Ayurveda, which has an ancient Indian tradition. The silver nano-particles are known as ‘Roupya-bhasma’ in Ayurveda.

3. The two students explained that they received guidance from Shivaji University’s acting Chancellor Dr P. S. Patil, Dr Neeraj Prasad, Dr Ganesh Kambale and the Chief of Nano-science Department, Dr. Kirankumar Sharma.

4. This research paper is available at the following link https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-021-96335-2

5. The ‘Gomutra’ of a native cow, like ‘Geer’, has the capability of curing many diseases and controlling pollution. The ‘Gomutra’ of hybrid cows do not have such capacity, say the scientists in their article. (It underlines the scientific significance of Indian cows. Considering this, the Central Government should at least declare the cow as our national animal now; so also, pass a law banning cow-slaughter all over the country, for protection of cows and it should be strictly implemented. – Editor)