As Muslims, we have the right to raise our voice for the Muslims in Kashmir :  Taliban

Editorial comments

  • Why don’t the Taliban terrorists show the courage to say, they have the right to speak up for the Uyghur Muslims in China ? This shows their fake love for Muslims and hatred for India.
  • The Taliban had stated that the Kashmir issue is between India and Pakistan Now they are saying exactly the opposite ! This makes it clear that they can never be trusted.

London (UK) – As Muslims, we have the right to speak up for Muslims in Kashmir, India or any country, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen told the BBC.

‘We will raise our voice and tell the countries concerned that Muslims are your citizens. They are entitled to equal rights according to your laws,’ he added.  He also said it is not part of their policy to launch an armed campaign against any country. (Going by their record, the world will take the assurances of the Taliban with a pinch of salt -Editor)