Taliban will not interfere in Kashmir dispute : Taliban

Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan are safe !

Editorial comment

  • Who will believe the Taliban; considering their history, mentality, and close ties with Pakistan ? India is not naive to believe the Jihadis who kill their father and brother.

Kabul (Afghanistan) – Taliban leader Anas Haqqani said the Taliban will not interfere in the Kashmir issue. We never wanted to interfere in the Kashmir dispute. That is not our policy. The Taliban will never act against this policy. He claimed that the Taliban wishes to establish a good relationship with India. He assured that the Taliban will not cause any trouble to Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan. They will be given complete protection. Anas’s relative Sirajuddin Haqqani is the leader of a terrorist outfit ‘Haqqani Network’.

Anas Haqqani added that they are ready for the discussion with everyone. He said that they fought for the freedom of Afghanistan for 20 years, but international media especially the media from India is spreading negative propaganda about the Taliban.

Taliban did not use Pakistan weapons !

Haqqani has claimed that the Taliban has not used even a single Pakistan made weapon in the battle in Afghanistan. (Who will believe this ? – Editor)