News published about the Tablighi community regarding the spread of coronavirus was communal and it can malign India’s image : Supreme Court

New Delhi – The websites of news agencies listen to only the voice of powerful people and write anything even about judges or against the judicial system. The media showed news about the Tablighi community regarding the spread of coronavirus was against a particular religion and can spoil our country’s image.  The Supreme Court observed this during the hearing of a case related to the news published by media about the gathering of the Tablighi community at Delhi during the first wave of the Corona pandemic. The Court has also asked the Central Government whether any rules and regulations existed for websites of news agencies and news channels. The organisations such as Jamiayat Ulema-e-Hind, Peace Party, etc have accused that the media telecast only one-sided news about Tablighi gathering and portrayed the Muslim community in a distorted manner.

1. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said while replying on behalf of the Central Government that the media purposely give news that is against religions. There are no restrictions on the websites of the news channels; therefore, they even publish fake news. (If the government knows it, why hasn’t it imposed restrictions on the media ? Why they didn’t have any control over the same ?- Editor)

2. The Court stated that there is no control over websites of news channels and YouTube channels publishing news. If you watch YouTube, you will realise how brashly fake news is published without any fear. Today, anybody can start their own YouTube channel. (What the Court has mentioned, why do the Governments and administrations not realise these things despite having all the machinery at their disposal or is it purposely ignoring this issue ? – Editor)