If Hindus become a minority in the country, then India will become Afghanistan : BJP National General Secretary C.T. Ravi

Editorial comment

  • Hindus opine that before they become a minority in the country, the BJP Government should declare India as a Hindu Rashtra and frame laws like citizenship amendment bill, population control bill, anti-conversion laws, etc. in the national interest.

New Delhi – BJP national General Secretary C.T. Ravi warned that as long as Hindus are in majority in India, the Constitution framed by Dr B.R. Ambedkar will continue and there will be equal opportunities for all. Once the Hindus become a minority in the country, then what happened in Gandara (Afghanistan) will happen in India also, said C.T. Ravi.

C.T. Ravi further said,

Secularism and religious tolerance are the core beliefs of Hindus. As long as the tolerant people are in majority there will be secularism in the country and women will get protection. Once the tolerant people become a minority there will be a situation like Afghanistan in the country. When their numbers (Muslims) increase, they talk about Sharia Law, not the Constitution.

Congress has forgotten the interest of the country and has become blind. Congressmen are unable to understand the inherent difference between patriotism and terrorism; that’s why they compare the Sangh to the Taliban.

Due to the appeasement politics, more Pakistans will be created and Congress could come to power temporarily; but that will, in turn, create more Pakistans in the country. If this has to be stopped, then politics has to be objective and in the interest of the country. BJP will not fall prey to appeasement politics. We will give priority to development with a commitment to Hindutva with the slogan ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vishwas’.