As long as Hindus are in majority in India, the Constitution, secularism, and law will remain intact – Deputy CM of Gujarat

Editorial comment

  • To secure these permanently, India should be declared a Hindu Rashtra. It is imperative to pass equal civil rights law, population control law, prohibition of conversion of religion, etc.

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – Constitution, secularism, and law will remain intact until Hindus are in majority. Remember this, if Hindus become a minority, from that day, there will not be any Court, there will not be any law, there will not be any democracy, and there will not be any Constitution. Everything will be in the air. If you want to video record this, then do, said Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel. He was addressing an event organised at Bharat Mata temple in Gandhinagar. This is the first Bharat Mata temple in the country. At this event, Gujarat Minister of State for Home Pradeepsinh Jadeja, along with top VHP and RSS leaders were present at the ceremony.

Nitin Patel further said, “I am not talking about everyone. I must clarify that as well. Lakhs of Muslims are desh-bhakts (patriots); lakhs of Christians are desh-bhakts. Thousands of Muslims are in the Indian Armed Forces. Thousands of Muslims are in the Gujarat Police force. All of them are desh-bhakts.” (Why don’t these desh-bhakts speak against the religious fanatics and jihadi’s ? Why don’t they oppose openly ? – Editor)

If a person belonging to one religion without any force, without temptations, without deceptive means marries someone from another religion, such marriages cannot be considered as the conversion of religion.

I want to ask the organisations that oppose anti-conversion law, what objections they have if Hindu girls marry Hindus, Muslim girls marry Muslims, Christian girls marry Christians, and Sikh girls marry Sikhs.

If a Hindu boy betrays an innocent Muslim girl to fraudulently enter into a marriage, this law applies to him also.