Sadhus and Saints from all over the country are coming together to establish the rule of Dharma : Former I.P.S. Officer D.G. Vanzara

Dwarka (Gujarat) – Rule of Dharma and Nation work together. After Independence, although the country’s rule was established, but the rule of Dharma was not established, said Gujarat’s former I.P.S. Officer D.G. Vanzara. He further stated, sadhus and Saints of the country are now coming together to establish the rule of Dharma. On behalf of Sanatan Seva Mandal,Vanzara had organised this meeting. Vanzara is continuously meeting the sadhus and Saints from Gujarat to bring them together. Next year, Vidhan Sabha elections will be held in Gujarat.

In his advice, Vanzara mentioned that Gujarat, as well as the whole country, should have the rule of Dharma established. It has been a national tradition of establishing the rule of Dharma along with the country’s rule. Since last year, there are efforts made to establish the rule of Dharma. If the rule of Dharma is established, then this country, Hindus, and other religions will be freed from their troubles.