A bottle of water costs Rs. 3,000 and a plate of food costs Rs. 7,500 at Kabul Airport

A terrible state of Afghans trying to flee the country

Kabul (Afghanistan) – After the Taliban’s capture of Afghanistan, hundreds of Afghans are ready to leave Afghanistan. Hundreds of Afghans are waiting at Kabul airport to go overseas. These people who are waiting at Kabul airport are in a difficult situation. Until they are being called to board a flight, they must deal with fear, hunger, and thirst along with the need for rest. The food prices have inflated here. For a litre of a water bottle, the cost is USD 40 (Rs. 3,000) and the food costs USD 100 (Rs. 7,500). Also, this must be paid not in Afghan currency but US dollars.

Outside the Kabul airport, people are standing in knee height dirty water and garbage waiting for their turn. The crowd is increasing which is causing the situation of women and children to be difficult.

Out of every three Afghans, one is hungry – Report

According to a report submitted by the ‘World Food Program’, there is no crop in Afghanistan, no rain, no water, and people are living in poverty. Per three Afghani citizens, one is hungry, meaning approximately 1 million 40 lakh people are hungry. Also, 20 lakh children are malnourished, and they need immediate help.