Hindu and Sikh families from Pakistan and Afghanistan, living in India for decades, are waiting for Indian citizenship

Editorial comment

  • Aadhar and PAN cards are easily available to Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Rohingya infiltrators in India. However, it is a shame that despite the Citizenship Amendment Act the Government agencies have lacked in providing citizenship to the Hindu and Sikh refugees from Islamic countries. Central Government should take immediate steps to provide citizenship to Hindus and Sikhs.

New Delhi – Hindu and Sikh refugees who came to India a few decades ago from Afghanistan have not yet received Indian citizenship. Despite the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) being passed it is seen that these Hindus and Sikhs are not getting citizenship. They could any time be asked to leave the country.

1. These Hindu and Sikh refugee families are leading an uncertain life in India. They are frequently asked to submit documents to extend their visa. They have limited legal rights compared to Indian citizens.

2. After CAA was passed, local BJP leaders convened a meeting in 2020, of the Hindu and Sikh refugee families with the then Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar, Shivdular Singh. The families had requested that they get all the facilities implemented under the CAA as soon as possible but has not yet been implemented.

I will not ask anyone to come to India claimed Afghan refugees

1. “Many of our relatives who came to India from Afghanistan have died waiting to get Indian citizenship,” said an Afghan refugee from Amritsar. He said he will not advise anyone to come to India.

2. We don’t think India is a good option for Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan, said Gurmeet Singh, who runs a cosmetics shop in Kabul. Many of our relatives have come to India earlier. Their condition is not good in India. Some of them had returned to Afghanistan. India has no clear policy on refugees.

What is the Citizenship Amendment Act?

The Citizenship Amendment Act states that the people from Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Christian communities who have come to India from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan until December 31, 2014, due to religious oppression, will not be considered illegal immigrants and will be granted Indian citizenship.