Uttar Pradesh has not only Muslims but also Hindu Taliban : Poet Munawwar Rana

Editorial Comment

  • Had Hindus been Taliban, then India would have been declared a Hindu Nation by now and other religions would have been crushed. However, the reality is that Hindus being the majority in the Country, are beaten up by the minority fanatics. If there was a Hindu Taliban, would Rana have survived to speak today ?
  • Patriotic Hindus feel that the Central Government should immediately arrest the Taliban supporters and imprison them for life.
Munawwar Rana

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) – Munawwar Rana said in an interview, there are some Taliban in Uttar Pradesh. Not only Muslims but also Hindu Taliban is there. Is a terrorist only a Muslim ? He can also be a Hindu. (Does Munawwar Rana have any example of a Hindu terrorist ? On the contrary, Muslims are terrorists, there is no need to prove it – Editor) Gandhi was a simple person and Nathuram Godse was a Talib. (M. Gandhi betrayed Hindus by permitting the partition of India. The decision resulted in the murder of 10 lakh Hindus. It should be remembered forever by Munawwar Rana and all Gandhi followers. – Editor) In UP, Taliban like incidents are happening said Rana. (Rana should also tell about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits since last 30 years caused by anti-national religious fanatics – Editor)

Some hate statements made by Rana,

1. There is more brutality here than in Afghanistan. (If there was such cruelty, Rana would not have dared to make such anti-Hindu statements as he would have known its consequences. There is no brutality in India. – Editor) Earlier it was ‘Ram Rajya’ here, and now it is ‘Kamarajya’. (Can Munawwar Rana say how many Nations out of 52 Muslim Nations in the world have ‘Ram Rajya’? Ram Rajya was only in India, and it will be re-established soon. It would not be surprising if someone says there is Ravan-rajya in Islamic countries where human rights are violated and atrocities against minorities are committed. – Editor)

2. India need not fear the Taliban; Afghanistan has been with us for thousands of years but has never harmed India. (Nadir Shah and Abdali invaded India several times and looted billions of rupees. They kidnapped Hindu women, took hundreds of Maratha captive to Afghanistan after the Panipat war. Why is Rana forgetting history ? – Editor) Even when Taliban leader Mullah Omar was in power, he did not harm any Indians (Hundreds of Hindus and Sikhs had to flee during the Taliban regime. Millions of Afghan men and women are still fleeing today. Munawwar Rana is not seeing it or deliberately ignoring it ? – Editor) as his ancestors had earned a lot from India. (Not earned, but looted. Those who deliberately support Muslim aggressors must be imprisoned – Editor)

3. Taliban possess as many AK-47 rifles as the Indian mafia has. Taliban begs or loots weapons, but the mafia buys weapons. (Most buyers of such weapons are religious fanatics, why is Rana not accepting it  ? – Editor)

4. Conversion harms the Country. (Mughal invaders forcefully converted lakhs of Hindus in India. Why is Rana silent about it ? He should also say whether his ancestors were from Arab countries or India. – Editor)

5. We want our country to be as it was before. (Hindus have the same expectation that India should be the same as it was before the Islamic invasion of India. It should be the ‘Vishwaguru’. Within the next few years, India will witness new dawn, Munawwar Rana should keep that in mind. – Editor)