A 51-year-old religious fanatic deceived a 22-year-old Hindu girl into marriage using a Hindu name

The young woman was later harassed by the religious fanatic after marriage

Police avoid filing a complaint under the ‘Love Jihad’ Act

Hindu Jagran Manch protests against Police

Editorial Comment

  • Despite the existence of the Love Jihad Act in the State of Gujarat, religious fanatics do not heed it. This shows their arrogance. Therefore, Hindus feel that this law should be made more effective.
  • Do the Police, who did not register a complaint of Hindu girl under the ‘Love Jihad’ Act work for India or Pakistan ?

Surat (Gujarat) – A 51-year-old man, Sheikh Mohammad Akhtar married a 22-year-old Hindu girl after trapping her in love using a Hindu name. After the marriage, she was forced to wear a burqa and perform namaz and was tortured for it. She was pressurised to convert to Islam. Initially, the Police avoided registering a complaint under the ‘Love Jihad’ Act but after the Hindu Jagran Manch staged an agitation, the Police filed a complaint under the Act. (Only due to an agitation by a devout-Hindu organisation the Police were forced to register a complaint – Editor)

According to information, the victim got acquainted with Akhtar at an establishment. He then developed a relationship with the victim by presenting himself as Mukesh. He also lied that he was doing a job in the railways.

Eventually, in the year 2019, the two got married as per Hindu rituals and they had a son. One day, the victim became suspicious of Akhtar’s behavior. When she checked his identity card, she realised that he was a Muslim. After his true nature was revealed, Akhtar started harassing the victim and pressurised to convert their son.

Police refrain from registering a complaint !

The victim rushed to Dindoli Police Station after seeing the true nature of Akhtar. Police declined to file a complaint. The victim wanted to lodge a complaint under the ‘Love Jihad’ law. But the Police reported a case of harassment for dowry. Therefore, the victim contacted Hindu Jagran Manch. The forum staged a 28-hour agitation against the Police, then registered a case under the Love Jihad Act. (Even though there is a pro-Hindu party Government in Gujarat, a devout Hindu organisation has to stage agitation for 28 hours. It shows the seriousness of the Police about Love Jihad. Such policemen should be immediately suspended and imprisoned. – Editor)

Police said the accused looted Rs. 14 lakh from her mother’s side family under the pretext of giving the victim a job in the railways. Akhtar is married and has a 32-year-old daughter. City Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar is investigating the matter. He said the efficiency of the Police in this case also needs to be investigated. (The Commissioner of Police must exercise his powers to take action against the Police for failing to register a complaint. – Editor)