Afghanistan : Sikh community leaders held discussions with the Taliban

Taliban assured us of peace and safety – Sikh community

Editorial comment

  • Sikhs are ‘Kafir’ for the Taliban, hence trusting their assurance is suicidal.

Kabul (Afghanistan) – After the Taliban took over the control of Afghanistan, leaders of the Sikh community from Afghanistan met the Taliban. After the meeting, the leaders of the Sikh community mentioned that they have been assured of peace and safety by the Taliban and they need not leave the country. They can peacefully live in the country. Gurunam Singh, leader of the Sikh community said that during the Taliban’s take over of Afghanistan, 280 Sikhs and 30 to 40 Hindus have taken refuge in Karte Parwan Gurudwara.

Gurnam Singh added that they have also received the assurance that none of their religious matters will be interfered with by the Taliban. The Taliban members also gave their contact numbers in case of any problems.