Indian society has not yet reached a stage where unmarried women would have physical relations only for enjoyment : Madhya Pradesh HC

Editorial comments

  • To prevent society from reaching such a stage, the rulers should teach the spiritual practice to people, to develop self-restraint and morality in them.
  • Out of the four ‘Purusharthas (objects of human pursuit)’, only two ‘Purusharthas’ viz ‘Artha’ and ‘Kaam’ have become most preponderant. Nobody thinks about ‘Dharma and ‘Moksha’, i.e. the other two ‘Purusharthas,’ and all party rulers are responsible for this decadence.

Bhopal (MP) – India is a society of conservative people. India has not yet reached that stage where people have a different social mindset where a young woman from any religion would have physical relations with young men just for enjoyment in life. Such things may happen if there is a promise given for marriage or some assurance given about the future. The above opinion was expressed by Justice Subodh Abhyankar of Bhopal High Court. The Court dismissed the bail application of an accused in the rape case.

1. Justice Subodh Abhyankar further said that a young man should also think about effects before deciding to have physical relations and should be capable of handling any unexpected situation. In such cases, only women have to suffer because she can become pregnant and is afraid of what people would say about such a relationship. The concerned young men should also think about the repercussions of such relationships and be ready to face them. You cannot leave her after having physical relations, though with consent.

2. In this case filed in the High Court, the accused had promised her marriage and then raped her and a case was filed under clauses of rape, kidnapping etc; but the advocate of the accused claimed that the accused and the aggrieved had relations for two years. After a promise of marriage, this woman, who is above 21 years of age, agreed to have physical relations. Now, this woman is making false allegations that the incident happened 3 years ago.

3. The parents of both the parties said in the Court that they opposed the marriage because they followed different religions. It was argued that both of them had physical relations with each other’s consent; therefore, it cannot be treated as rape.

4. The accused told the young woman that his marriage was fixed with another girl; so he would not be able to marry her. Then, she tried to commit suicide by consuming poison.

5. The Court refused to grant bail to the accused while stating that the woman was serious about her relationship that is why she tried to end her life, and she had not had relations only for enjoyment. The Court has also stated that every time, the raped woman does not have to try to commit suicide.