A cartoon on BBC Marathi Instagram calls Hindus violent in the name of religion

BBC’s hatred towards Hindus

Editorial comments

  • It is one of the examples that BBC keeps attempting to spread Hindu hatred. Hindu organisations should complain about it to the Central Government and demand stringent action against BBC.
  • Why BBC has not drawn such a cartoon on religious fanatics attacking Hindus as yet ? Why BBC never talks about the genocide of Hindus in Kashmir ? When the Mosques were announcing on speakers that Hindu men should go and leaving behind their wives and wealth ? Later, the religious fanatics had then tortured Hindus.
  • Why BBC never talks about the conversion of Hindus by Christian missionaries and the mental and psychological conversion of Hindu students in their schools ?

Mumbai – BBC, a news agency has posted a cartoon on its BBC Marathi Instagram account. Hindus are portrayed as fundamentalist and violent in the name of religion through the cartoon. BBC Marathi has called Hindus aggressive with the reference of the so-called news that a Muslim was forced through violence to write ‘Jai Shriram’. The cartoon is shown as a conversation between two parents. A mother talks to another, “Our son is very religious. He beats up people to make them chant the Name of God”.