Coronavirus does not survive in the water of River Ganga : Inference by scientists

The water of the River Ganga does not give rise to the harmful virus !

Research on making anti-Corona medicine using Gangajal

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  • It is a hard slap to all those intellectuals, who doubt the sacredness of the River Ganga and consider Hindus with faith in the River Ganga as fools !

Gorakhpur (UP) – As per the research of B.R.D. Medical College, Coronavirus was not found in the water of the River Ganga from Hrishikesh in Uttarakhand to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh during the second wave of Corona, while Coronavirus was found in creeks at Lucknow during the same period.

Dr. Amaresh Singh, the Head of Microbiology Department of B.R.D College said that a virus known as bacteriophages is found in the water of the River Ganga and this virus does not let any other types of virus live in that water. Bacteriophages can also destroy other harmful bacteria; therefore, no virus can survive in River Ganga. With the help of a retired professor from IIM, Bengaluru and a private institution, research is going on for making anti-Corona medicine through the water of the River Ganga.

Special research conducted on bacteriophage as a remedy on Corona

Hindavi is an international journal of Microbiology published in London. In a research paper published on its website, bacteriophage can play an important role in fighting against Coronavirus. It has a double benefit. Bacteriophage is capable of destroying harmful bacteria and can be used in cases where a person affected with Corona develops a bacterial infection in the lungs and can die in the absence of proper treatment. The other benefit of bacteriophage is helping to create antibodies. As per the view of LiebertPub from New York, when bacteriophage is used against Coronavirus through the therapy, which was acclaimed with ‘Phage display’ Nobel prize, antibodies of Coronavirus can be created. In this background, the research presently conducted on ‘Gangajal’ as a remedy for Corona gains more significance.

What is a bacteriophage ?

Bacteriophage is a virus that destroys all types of harmful bacteria. It also has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties; therefore, it is capable of destroying even harmful Coronavirus.