Christian doctor from a vaccination camp enters the temple with her footwear on : Tamil Nadu

Villagers protested and refused to take the vaccination until the Christian doctor left

Editorial comment

Would the doctor dare to break the rules in a Mosque ? Such incidents happen only due to Hindus lacking pride in their Dharma.

Hindus try to give equal respect to all religions, but such followers of other religions take disadvantage of it and disrespect Hindu Dharma.

Vellore (Tamil Nadu) – Reina, a Christian doctor wore her footwear inside a temple. The doctor was reportedly a part of the team that had gone to the village to administer Covid vaccines to the villagers. Despite repeated appeals, the doctor refused to take off her footwear. The irate villagers protested against it and refused to take the vaccination until Reina left. The villagers took the vaccine after she left the Temple in Pogoi village in Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

  1. When the villagers asked her to remove her footwear, she said there is no board saying one shouldn’t wear footwear inside the temple. (Do they have a board in Church saying you need to pray here ? Some rules must be followed in a Church even if there is no written instruction there, similarly, in a Temple, these rules must be followed. However, the fanatic and Hindu-hater doctor comes up with such absurd reasons. – Editor) Doctor tries to justify the behaviour by saying she wore the footwear over the fear of contracting Covid-19 and Villagers refused to buy this argument.
  2. When the matter escalated, Adi Siva, the Hindu Front leader in the area, came to the temple with his supporters. But the doctor remained adamant and when the situation worsened, she quickly left the Temple. The villagers only agreed to take the vaccine after the nurses who accompanied the doctor apologised on behalf of the doctor, for hurting the religious sentiments of the villagers.