Gratitude and surrender take us closer to God !

God is our Creator and has given us all things including our life. Everyday we wake up in the morning to live another day due to His grace.

A seeker begins by effortful expression of gratitude. However, over a period, by repeatedly expressing gratitude and through spiritual growth, he develops the bhav of gratitude.

Once this state is attained, one constantly realises that ‘God is the Doer, I am nobody’, his subtle-ego starts reducing. He starts appreciating his limitations and lack of capacity. Hence, in any difficult situation he humbly surrenders to God and only then performs any action. This is called ‘surrender to God’.

When he starts surrendering to God (not only in difficult situations but) even in small incidents in day to day life, his spiritual emotion of surrender increases. God promptly fulfils prayers made with spiritual emotion, such as – ‘God please look after my spiritual growth, please tell me what my next step should be, You only guide me’.

A seeker who has the spiritual emotion of gratitude and surrender is always close to God. God bestows everything that is required, meaning, spiritual experiences, guidance and knowledge to such a seeker even without his asking.