Pakistan PM Imran Khan promises to hold the referendum in PoK

The referendum will be held on whether to stay with India or Pakistan and whether to stay with Pakistan or become an independent State

Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is an integral part of India, and Pakistan has no right to hold such a referendum there. India should now take control of PoK by direct military action rather than wasting time.

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Addressing an election rally in the Tarar Khal area of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) ahead of the polls on 25th July, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Islamabad would let the people of Kashmir decide if they want to join Pakistan or become an “independent state”.

Dismissing the idea of making PoK a province of Pakistan, Khan said, ‘Kashmir (PoK) will not be made a province of Pakistan. Discussions about giving Kashmir the status of a province are wrong’. Instead, the Pak PM said that a day would come when Kashmiris would be allowed to decide their future as per the UN resolutions and expressed the confidence that the people of Kashmir on that day would decide to join Pakistan.