Anti-Hindu elements criticise a tweet showing NASA intern’s photo with Idols of Hindu Deities in the background

NASA appeals for internship applications via a Twitter post

  • When NASA has no objection to the Deities in the intern’s photo, why are the so-called intellectuals offended ? Or do they just want to express their hatred for Hindus in one or another way ?
  • Had the post contained the picture of a Muslim or Christian woman with the symbols of their respective faiths, no so-called secularist would have uttered a word of criticism. It clearly shows their double standards.

New Delhi – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States of America has posted a tweet inviting applications for internships. While inviting applications for the internship, NASA shared the photographs of individuals who had received an opportunity to pursue an internship at the space research agency. They shared the photograph of Pratima Roy, an Indian American, along with others. The photograph showed Roy with Idols of Shri Saraswati Devi, Shri Durga Devi, Shriram, Sita Mata, and Shivalinga and pictures of Hindu Deities in the background. Such overt expression of Hindu piety irked quite a few so-called ‘intellectuals’ who were not happy with the devotion that Roy bears towards her Gods. These ‘intellectuals even questioned her ‘scientific temperament’, which one would assume is more than competent, as she got the opportunity to intern at NASA. Some even accused NASA of destroying ‘Science’. On the other hand, Roy is also being showered with praises.

The movie Space MOMs, which sheds light on India’s successful Mars mission in 2014, was released in 2019. Film producer David Cohen tweeted compliments to the tweet, praising sisters Pratima and Pooja Roy. He said, ‘Space exploration is in the Indian DNA. Kudos to NASA interns Pratima Roy and Pooja Roy.’ This tweet is getting a lot of publicity.

God watches everything we do – Pratima Roy

Pratima and Pooja Roy, both sisters of Indian descent, are doing ‘Software Engineering co-op internship’ at NASA’s Glenn Research Centre. NASA had asked them some questions about their experiences. To which, Pratima had said, ‘I believe in God completely. God sees everything we do’.