Congress is an anti-Hindu party, it stops me from doing puja : Congress MLA Rakesh Singh

Congress criticised by its party members

How come the Congress party members realise it so late ?

Raebareli (UP) – ‘Congress tries to stop me whenever I try to do puja or recite Akhand Ramayana. The party has always been disapproving of any good work done for the constituency. Congress is 100% anti-Hindutva. I do not intend to leave the Congress party. (Why the Congress party members, who feel that Congress is anti-Hindu and anti-national, do not wish to leave the party ? – Editor.) If Congress continues to offend 85% of the population (Hindus) and appease 15% (Muslims), then the time is not far when many loyal members of the party would be compelled to leave’, warned Congress MLA, Rakesh Singh. Congress could not secure even one seat in the recent local elections. Panchavati family in Raebareli is dominant in Raebareli and closely associated with the Congress party. Rakesh Singh, who belongs to this family did not participate in the election campaign. It is said that he was responsible for the defeat of the party.