If Muslims have 8 children, they will become labourers or puncturewalas only : Mohsin Raza, Minority Welfare Minister of UP

Issue of Population Control Bill of Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow (UP) – Our Government desires to educate Muslims, but the opposition parties desire to keep them uneducated and engage them in menial works such as selling trash, buy things from bhangar, etc. If Muslims give birth to 8 children, then they will spend their life fixing punctures of tyres only. Congress had done the same thing earlier and now Socialist Party is doing the same. We have plans to carry all along with us, commented the Minority welfare Minister of UP, Mohsin Raza regarding the criticism about the proposed Population Control Bill.

He further said, ‘All are anxious about controlling the population. We are 8 siblings, but now, we cannot afford to raise 8 children. We cannot provide them proper facilities, education, etc. then why is the Bill being opposed ? If we have only 2 children, it will be easier to make them doctors and engineers but if we have 8 children, they will have to live as labourers. We are not targeting any religion as such, we want the Nation to progress’.