No terror outfit has harmed the country as much as the Gandhi family : Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit

Mumbai – Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit harshly criticised the Gandhi family in a Tweet saying, ‘Gandhi family nurtured terrorism in Kashmir for its own profit, allowed the emergence and flourishing of Naxals whose sole aim was to destabilise the country. No terror outfit in the world can do as harm as this one family has done’. Ashoke Pandit tweeted in response to the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s tweet paying tribute to an Urban Maoist, Stan Swamy.

Ashoke Pandit added,

Rahul Gandhi’s this tweet is a standing testimony of 70 years of Congress’ Naxal support and nurturing. Thousands of soldiers were martyred, Naxal villages remained backward and the internal security of the country was constantly under threat. It all was sponsored by China.

Stan Swamy was arrested for spreading the riot; however, renowned TV channels and journalists are paying tribute to him. The day is not very far when these people will pay tribute also after the death of the ex-terrorist, Yasin Malik (who is at present running a political organisatio called JKLF in Kashmir).

Rahul Gandhi, your party spent crores of Rupees in treating Geelani, a Kashmiri separatist in a five-star hospital of Delhi. Geelani is the one responsible for killing thousands of Kashmiri Hindus and security personnel. Standing by the enemies is in your DNA.