Deport Rohingya and Bangladeshi intruders from Bengal – Petition filed in SC

Why such a petition had to be filed ? Why is the Government not proactive ?

New Delhi – A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court (SC) pleading to identify Rohingya and Bangladeshi intruders from Bengal and deport them. The Petition filed by Sangita Chakraborty, a Human and Civil Right activist, requests the Court to direct the Centre and the State Government of Bengal to detect, detain and deport all intruders within a year. The petition also mentioned the post-election violence in the State.

The petition states,

  1. The incidents of violence, vandalism, looting, kidnapping and heckling have increased in the State with the increase of intruders. The population of these intruders has crossed 5 crores. This is a threat to the unity, integrity and security of the nation. The right for independent movement within the country is only for Indian citizens and not for intruders.
  2. Bangladeshi intruders easily get forged documents like Pan Card, Aadhar, passport, ration card etc. Under the National security Act, legal action, should be taken against the Government officials, Police, travel agents and security personal who help the intruders. A case should be filed and all their illegal assets confiscated.
  3. The Indian Penal Code should make intrusion a cognizable, non-bailable and non-compoundable offence.