Pakistan once again saved from being blacklisted by FATF

Pakistan to remain on the grey list

Basically, it is necessary to declare Pakistan a terrorist country at the international level. India should keep insisting on it.

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Global terrorist financing watchdog, Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has put Pakistan on its grey list. FATF has blamed Pakistan for not complying with the international standards and rules of money-laundering and terror financing.

  1. FATF has asked Pakistan to continue prosecuting and targeting senior leaders of the UN-designated terrorist groups in the country. The list includes Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar, the masterminds of the 2008 terror attack in Mumbai.
  2. FATF President Marcus Pleyer stated that Pakistan had fulfilled 26 out of the 27 action items of the 2018 action plan.
  3. For Pakistan to transcend the grey list and enter the white list it needs to be supported by 12 out of the 39 members of the organisation. At present with the support of China, Turkey and Malaysia, Pakistan was saved from being blacklisted.