If provoked, next bomb will be dropped not in the path, but on the naval ships : Russia warns Britain

Naval movement dispute in black sea

Moscow (Russia) – Russia warned Britain, ‘Britain should not provoke us through its naval movements in the Black Sea, close to Russian territory. Any provocative actions further will lead to bomb dropping directly on the naval ships and not just in their path’. Russia also summoned the British Ambassador in Moscow. Russia has accused that British naval vessels have breached the international marine borders. On the other hand, many countries in the world consider the part of the sea where the British naval vessels were anchored as Ukrainian territory.

There was a conflicting report over an incident involving Russian and British naval vessels in the Black Sea. Britain said, ‘No warning shots were fired by the Russian Navy’. However, Russia has warned of targeting the British naval vessels next time.

What is this all about ?

Black Sea is significant for Russia for gaining control over Mediterranean Sea. There is dispute between Russia, France, Britain, Turkey and the United States with regards to this sea. Russia had formally announced in 2014 that Crimea, located to the south of the Ukrainian region as its annexure. Russia also claims the water surrounding this region belongs to Russia. However, Western countries have dismissed this claim and deem Crimea to be a part of Ukraine. Therefore, there is a dispute between Russia and Western countries.