Tamil Nadu : Unknown assailants vandalise ancient Shivalingam and Idol of Deity Shiva

There is an increase in the attacks on Hindu religion after DMK Government came into power.

Such incidents take place because Dravids think of themselves to be different from Hindu religion, and the ruling DMK party is anti-Hindu. Though India is a secular country, all non-Hindus fail to follow secularism and a large number of born- Hindus consider themselves to be so-called progressives. Therefore, the Hindu Dharma is not being protected. This would change only after establishing Hindu Rashtra (Nation).

(The intention underlying display of this image is not to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus, but make them comprehend the denigration – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Pudukkotai (Tamil Nadu) – Unknown assailants vandalised an ancient Shivalingam and an Idol of Deity Shiva in a temple at Keezhananchur village. The Shivalingam was cut into two pieces and the Idol of Shiva was beheaded. The temple was built in the era of Chola king. The temple has Idols of the Deities such as Shri Ganesh, Godess Parvati, Bhagwan Murugam, Shirkrushna and Nandi. The temple’s doors are always open. It is said that the miscreants have taken the advantage of this. The Hindus have alleged that the coming of DMK into power in the State has emboldened anti-Hindu elements in the State.