Pakistan hosts and provides pension to listed and dreaded terrorists

India slams Pakistan at United Nations Human Rights Council

Instead of just criticising, India must crackdown on Pakistan to teach a lesson. There is no effect of such criticism.

Geneva (Switzerland) – Pakistan as its state policy, is providing pensions to the dreaded and listed terrorists, and hosting them on its territory. It is high time that Islamabad is held accountable for aiding and abetting terrorism. The Indian representative responded to the statements made by Pakistan and strongly criticised the neigbouring country at the 47th session of the United Nations Human rights Council.

Pawan Badhe, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of India said, “The plight of minorities in Pakistan is evident from their shrinking size. Forced conversions’ have become a daily phenomenon in Pakistan. We have seen reports of minor girls, belonging to religious minorities being abducted, raped, forcibly converted and married. More than 1,000 girls, belonging to religious minorities, are forcibly converted in Pakistan every year”. Systematic persecution of minorities, including Christians, Ahmadiya, Sikhs and Hindus through draconian blasphemy laws, forced conversions and marriages and extra-judicial killings, has become a regular phenomenon in Pakistan. Holy and ancient sites of religious minorities in Pakistan have been attacked and vandalised, the official said.