A Gaurakshak run over by butcher’s truck in Gujarat

10 arrested

How dare the butchers and cow smugglers kill Gaurakshaks ? Gujarat Government should give them capital punishment.

Valsad (Gujarat) – A Gaurakshak, Hardik Kansara (29), who was keeping a watch on the Dharampur-Valsad road for the illegal cow-smugglers was run over by a mini-truck. The Police have arrested 10 people. The accused are reported to be a part of an inter-State cow smuggling racket.

(Why do the Police and secret agencies not get the same information that a Gaurakshak can get about cow smuggling ? Why is cow smuggling still happening when cow slaughter is banned in the State of Gujarat ? Are these rules only meant to be broken ? The Police are answerable for their inaction and there should be an inquiry on them. – Editor)

The driver is absconding after the incident. 11 cattle were seized from the seized vehicle. (This clearly shows the carelessness of the Police from both the States, Gujarat and Maharashtra. – Editor) It is a well-organised network supplying cattle from Valsad and sold in Nashik and Bhiwandi in Maharashtra.