Depsang went under China’s control during Congress rule : Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Has Congress ever opposed China’s aggression ? – Dr. Swamy

New Delhi – ‘Congress had presented five facts of concern while criticising the Central Government while it has never opposed China’s aggression in the past. In 2013, China took control of Depsang in Ladakh while Congress was in the power at Centre. And hence, Congress must admit its mistake too,’ Dr. Subramanian Swamy condemned Congress in a tweet. Dr. Swamy referred to a news related to China that was published last year.

1. In another tweet, Dr. Swamy said, ‘Have Congress leaders ever opposed China’s aggression in Ladakh ? I have heard some of their weak and ineffective statements; however, none of them has criticised China strategically. Do they fear that China gained control of Depsang under their rule ?’

2. A few days ago, Dr. Swamy had claimed in his tweet that it is just India that has withdrawn from the clash site in Ladakh, while the Chinese have advanced in the region.