Gita Press is not in financial crisis

BJP MLA Ravi Kishan denied the rumours on social media that Gita Press will soon be closed

If at all Gita Press is in financial crisis, then the Government should provide a grant to the Press

Gorakhpur (UP) – BJP MLA Ravi Kishan informed, “I was shocked by the rumours circulating on social media that Gita Press is facing financial crisis and is on the verge of closure. After visiting this press, all my doubts got cleared, I am very happy to inform that Gita Press which has been promoting and protecting Sanatan Dharma for the last several decades is doing well”.

Ravi Kishan added, “The press is completely self reliant. It gives Rs. 80 lakh worth of salary per month to its employees. Every month various books are published in 15 languages. The press is equipped with modern printing machines. There is no dearth of finance in the press and the press never accepts donations of any kind”.