Controversial role of Dr. Johnrose Austin Jayalal


The country seems to be benefitting from the conflict between the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and Yogarushi Ramdev Baba. Those who were under the impression that the IMA is a Government organisation became aware of the actual situation. Not only this, but the activities of the IMA are also coming to the fore through various means. IMA President Dr. Johnrose Austin Jayalal’s controversial role is also now open to the world. All Ayurveda followers were waiting for this to happen. This is why, 7.8 lakh Ayurvedic Vaidyas from the ‘National Integrated Medical Association’ (NIMA) have joined hands to fight against IMA’s monopoly and demanded from the Union Health Minister Harshvardhan to take action against the IMA. On realising that the matter is going to boomerang against them, IMA has taken a cautious stance and appealed to Yogarushi Ramdev Baba to withdraw his statement.

Anti-Ayurveda IMA

The same IMA, which had filed a Rs. 1,000 crore defamation suit against Yogarushi Ramdev Baba, had objected to Patanjali’s drug Coronil. Although Coronil was later sold as an immunity-boosting drug, it would have also been an effective Ayurvedic medicine on coronavirus. IMA, which opposes Coronil and other Ayurvedic medicines, however, certifies that paint applied to walls is ‘antibacterial’. Wall paints, body soaps, LED lamps, water purifiers which claim to kill 99.99% germs and viruses are being certified by IMA. Based on this certification, tall claims are made by many foreign companies about their products.

Which medical principles govern the spread of such superstitions and endanger the health of people during the coronavirus epidemic ? What evidence was collected by the IMA to certify the products of these companies ? It is said that such certificates are issued in lieu of specific amounts paid to IMA.

If this be true, why is IMA opposing Ayurveda, which is developing a lifestyle so that there will be no need for such artificial devices. When the Government decided to allow Ayurvedic Vaidyas to perform surgeries, it was the IMA which strongly opposed it ! IMA’s opinion was taken as the opinion of the entire medical profession.

Johnrose’s fake love for patients !

One should not forget that Dr. Johnrose, who cares for the lives of doctors and demands that their sacrifices be recognised, threatened the Government with hunger strike during the coronavirus period itself. Johnrose was seen mocking the Government from his Twitter handle and not communicating the Government’s policies to the people during the pandemic. What health awareness did IMA create by publishing objectionable caricatures of many BJP leaders ? Greta Thunberg, a foreign environmentalist who supported the violent and anti-national farmers’ movement, was supported by the IMA President Dr. Johnrose Jayalal.

IMA was established by the British in 1920. It is still converting Indians to Christianity as per their earlier intention. Although Jayalal’s name sounds Hindu, it cannot be forgotten that his first name is Johnrose. On the one hand, Dr. Johnrose, says that Yogarushi Ramdev Baba has insulted doctors who fought for their lives during the coronavirus period, and on the other, he says in an interview that everything is getting better because Jesus has focused all his attention on India’.

When Johnrose says that more and more Christian doctors are needed to work in secular institutions, missionary institutions and medical colleges so that they can treat patients in a Christian way, the purpose of religious conversions in the statement is not hidden. This clearly exposes Johnrose’s intentions even as the country struggled with coronavirus last year.Organisations and systems that were handed to us by the British never promoted Indian ethos even after Independence. Even today, Johnrose is consciously opposing Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani and other medical disciplines. His opposition is not going to hurt the medical profession. Realising the side effects of Allopathy, most people now prefer these disciplines.

Every medical discipline has its own limitations. However, the time has come to look at the insistence on treating coronavirus with Allopathy only and deliberately suppressing Ayurveda for the last one year. Plasma therapy is now excluded from treatment in Allopathy. Modern physicians are sceptical of even the severe side effects of remedesivir injections. Experiments are also underway in that area. Vaidyas all over India are aggrieved that market of thousands of crores of Rupees of Allopathic medicines is responsible for not allowing Ayurveda to conduct the same experiments.

Opposition to Ayurveda by Johnrose stinks of an anti-Hindu Dharma attitude. He insults Hindutva, Sanskrut and Ayurveda by saying that the Government wants to make a medicine system based on Sanskrut. The country is going through such a difficult situation that all medical disciplines must come together and find a solution to improve the health of Indians. At such a time, the language of hate is an anti-national act. This is why Johnrose should apologise to the country first.

In today’s situation, all medical disciplines must come together to find a solution to improve the health of Indians !