People in foreign countries experience benefits of embracing cows during the coronavirus pandemic

Americans and Europeans consider this to be an effective remedy to deal with mental stress !

Cow therapy is becoming popular abroad. Can anything of this sort ever occur in India ? Foreigners are realising the significance of cows. Although the importance of cows has been emphasised in Hindu Dharma, it is pity that no efforts are made to stop cow slaughter or even to protect cows !

Mumbai – A practice of hugging cows to overcome mental stress during the coronavirus pandemic has now begun in America and Europe. Many people are willing to even pay up to 75 Dollars an hour (Rs. 5,250) for this.

Although this practice was prevalent abroad even earlier, it has become increasingly popular during the coronavirus pandemic. It was known earlier that hugging cows not only helps to reduce mental stress, but is also beneficial to remain healthy

According to doctors, hugging a cow helps trigger hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine and reduces cortisol (stress hormone). Symptoms such as stress level, worries and restlessness also reduce.

The basic nature of a cow is calm, gentle and courageous. Hugging a cow helps smoothen the functioning of a person’s metabolism, immunity and stress.

Importance of cows has been emphasised in Hindu Dharma; it is a pity that no efforts are made to stop cow-slaughter !