Now 3,210 beds are available in a single day although not a single bed was available before !

Effect of BJP MP Tejasvi Surya revealing the Covid bed booking scam

What was the administration doing when such a huge scam was going on ? This question is bound to persist in the minds of the public ! The Government is expected to conduct an inquiry into this issue and take stringent action against those responsible for it.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – After BJP MP Tejasvi Surya made an accusation that bribes are being taken in the city hospitals to allocate beds, now 3,210 beds are shown as empty on the website. Until yesterday, not a single bed was available according to the website. This makes it evident that there is scam regarding hospital bed availability. MP Surya had accused that Muslims were appointed in large numbers in the Municipality Covid war room. After the truth came to light, 17 contract workers were terminated.

  1. Out of the 12,736 beds in Government quota, only a handful of ICU beds and ventilator beds were shown as vacant earlier. But now the Central Hospital Bed Management website shows 3,210 beds as vacant.
  2. The number of vacant beds is 12 in medical college hospitals, 67 in government hospitals, 1,197 in private medical colleges, 402 in private hospitals which totally add up to 1,678 vacant beds. Moreover, there are 1,517 vacant beds in Covid Care Centres which have oxygen availability. In 127 private hospitals, under the Government quota there are 29 vacant ICU beds and 13 vacant ventilator beds.

I suspect Muslim organisations are involved in the Covid bed booking scam! – Minister Eshwarappa

Talking to the press in Shimogga, State Minister Eshwarappa said that most of those who are involved in the bed booking scam belong to the Muslim community. He said, “We are risking our lives and undertaking massive efforts in the fight against Covid. However, some people are trying to bring a bad name to the Government. After investigations, it will be known who is responsible for this and stringent action will be taken against them”.