Ambulance driver thrashed by public for demanding 15,000 rupees to transport a dead body !

Such people should be given life imprisonment ! Citizens believe that the BJP Government and administration should pay attention to such incidents occurring in Karnataka !

Bangalore (Karnataka) – The public thrashed an ambulance driver who demanded Rs. 15,000 for transporting a corona patient’s dead body from the hospital to the crematorium.  which was within 5 kilometers distance. This incident occurred in Mady Agrahar.

The driver insisted that only if he is given the entire amount he would do it. The relatives were extremely worried as despite all their efforts to make him understand, he was not ready to listen to their request. Some of the public overheard the discussions between the relatives and the driver. After realising that the driver was insisting on Rs. 15,000 the public got angry and thrashed the driver.

People are demanding that the State Government bring an end to the loot by private ambulance services heavily overcharging the public.