Wife of retired district judge dies of Covid-19 in Lucknow, UP

No response from the government helpline !

  • It is not expected to have such incident in BJP ruled state. Yogi Adityanath should take strict action to stop such incidents !
  • If this is the state of a retired judge’s wife, what ‘treatment’ can a common man expect?

Lucknow (UP) – A retired judge contacted the administration for treatment of his Covid-19 positive wife. However she did not get the treatment even after contacting the helpline provided by the government. The letter written by the judge himself has gone viral on social media.

The 67-year-old retired district judge residing at Gomati Nagar in the city expressed his anguish in the letter saying, “I made several calls for help on the government helpline since 7am on 14th April; however neither did any one come to provide medicines at home nor was any procedure initiated to admit her to the hospital. My wife Madhu Chandra died due administrative apathy. At present, there is no one to even pick up her dead body. Please help.”