Bisleri water being given instead of oxygen in a major hospital of Bihar!

A health system which puts India to shame! Instead of having an expectation that such a system will protect our life, it is better if Indians turn to God! Considering the present scenario, the Gujarat High Court has already stated that people are at ‘God’s mercy’.

Patna (Bihar) – Several Covid-19 positive patients admitted to the N.M.C.H Hospital, the 2nd biggest hospital in the city, are dying due to poor conditions. A long queue of ambulances is found outside the hospital. Since patients do not receive proper treatment on time, many of them are losing their lives in the ambulance itself. The condition of the hospital is extremely pathetic. People have accused the hospital of administering ‘bisleri’ water instead of oxygen, as it is in short supply. Doctors are not even coming to examine the patients. Due to non availability of beds the number of patients waiting outside the hospital is increasing in large numbers. The relative of patients are forced to standfor several hours outside. The condition is so bad that many patients have to be taken back home due to the lack of response from the hospital administration.

On April 13, the Health Minister visited this hospital and reviewed the prevailing condition. At that time, a patient died in the ambulance itself as he was not admitted to the hospital.