Saints and pilgrims enraged due to missing basic infrastructure in Kumbh Mela camps: Additional In-charge manhandled

  • Hindus expect the ruling BJP govt. to take strict action against the incompetent authority that has failed to provide basic infrastructure for the world renowned Kumbh Mela!
  • It would not be amiss to say that this unfortunate incident took place due to the state’s extreme apathy in providing even the most basic facilities despite the Kumbh Mela being in session.
  • Would the Uttarakhand administration dare to be negligent towards basic infrastructure during the festive celebrations of minorities?
Damaged road leading to Kumbh mela camps

Haridwar – Numerous camps of Saints in Bairagi camp are missing basic facilities like power connection, etc. As a result, Mela Additional in-charge Harbir Singh had to face the ire of Saints and pilgrims during the meeting in Bairagi camp. Some Saints sought an explanation from the authorities for failing to provide basic facilities. The administration’s carelessness led to arguments which escalated to Harbir Singh being manhandled during the meeting.

Workers in action
  1. Saints of various camps are making rounds to Mela office. Arguments are taking place between the officers and the Saints due to administration’s failure to provide space and other basic infra despite several requests. Yet the administration is not paying attention to the issues and continues to work at a snail’s pace.
  2. Harbir Singh held a meeting with Saints in Akhil Bharatiya Nirmohi Ani Akhada regarding the basic facilities. At the time, few Saints accused the administration of being partial in providing power connections. Toilets and water tanks are also missing at some places. Internal roads are missing. 3. Responding to the matter, Singh told that all the facilities were already provided, and the incident took place out of misunderstanding. (Many facilities are still missing on the ground. Given the fact, if the govt. acts against officers making such blunt statements, other officers wouldn’t dare to act insensitively! – Editor)
Number of cabinet ministers in Uttarakhand as well as Union ministers toured a lot of times since March in order to provide basic facilities for the Kumbh. Many state-level officers along with the chief secretary are still making rounds to provide basic facilities to the saints and devotees. The administration had also promised in the meetings to provide the facilities to all the camps before 1st April. CM claims to have spent crores of rupees for the development work in Kumbh; however, many places in Bairagi camps are still missing the basic infra like  roads  even after the Kumbh has begun.