Kerala Congress leader who demanded investigation into Love Jihad backtracks

Pressurised by the Communist Party to take the u-turn

Why are the Communist Party leaders are so sensitive about Love Jihad investigation? It can only mean that they tacitly support those involved in love jihad and hence will not permit any investigation.

Congress leader Jos K. Mani

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – Kerala is gearing up for  Legislative assembly polls on 6th April. The state’s ruling LDF ally Kerala Congress (M) Leader Jose K. Mani had said that if the public has any apprehensions about love jihad it should be addressed. But under pressure of Communist Party leaders, Mani has reportedly backtracked.

  1. Responding to a question on “Love Jihad”, Mani had replied “since such an issue has come into the fore…it should be examined. If there is something in that issue, that should be addressed. If the public still has apprehensions, it should be studied with clarity.”
  2. Upon this, the Communist Party leader said that, ‘this is Mani’s personal opinion. In our manifesto, it has been made clear that the word Love Jihad is created by the communal forces’.
  3. State BJP chief K Surendran, whose party has promised a law against “Love Jihad” if the party is voted to power in the state, said Mani’s statement has revealed that the issues raised by the BJP have relevance in the state.

Mani’s statement welcomed by Christians

Mani’s statement was supported by the Kerala Catholic Bishops Council, who feel that Love Jihad is an important issue in the state. Welcoming Mani’s statement, KCBC said they were happy about Mani’s response on the issue and asked major political parties in the state to reveal their stand on the matter.