Bangladesh : PM Modi’s visit ends, religious fanatics attack Hindu temples

  • It is evident that these attacks were carried out due to anger that PM Modi visited and had darshan in a few temples in Bangladesh! Hindus strongly feel that after witnessing such incidents, at least now the Indian Government ought to make efforts for the protection of Hindus in Bangladesh!
  • Be aware that the so-called intellectuals and secular people never raise their voice against such type of incidents by religious fanatics!

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – Reuters has reported that religious fanatics in Bangladesh launched an attack on Hindus and Hindu temples. This incident closely followed PM Modi’s departure from Bangladesh. PM Modi was in Bangladesh to attend a programme to mark the 50th Anniversary of Bangladesh’s nationhood. An organisation of religious fanatics had opposed PM Modi’s visit and attacked Hindus. 12 people were killed as the Police tried to bring the attacks under control.

“Brahmanbaria is burning. Various Government offices were set on fire indiscriminately. Even the press club was attacked and many, including the press club President, were injured. We are in extreme fear. Several Hindu temples in the town were attacked”, Javed Rahim, a journalist in Brahmanbaria town informed.

Radha Gobind Ashram set on fire

A 400-year-old Paruarkul Ashtagram Maha crematorium and Radha Gobind Ashram have been burnt down by religious fanatics in Magura District of of Bangladesh. Idols and a chariot of the Temple were reduced to ashes in the fire.

Well-known Writer Taslima Nasreen’s apt tweet

‘Bangladeshi Islamists committed violence all over the country for the solidarity of Indian Muslims. Stupid Islamists do not know that Indian Muslims will not leave India for Muslim countries like Bangladesh or Pakistan. Non-Muslim countries are still safer for Muslims’.